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Monday, April 16, 2012

Download Drive Space Indicator from mediafire

Drive Space Indicator is a program that shows the remaining space in your drives. The program does this by modifying the icons that you see when you open My Computer. Below the icon of each drive, you will see a progress bar that will show you how full the drive is. This is already done by the operating system in Windows Vista. With this utility, you can have the same icons in Windows XP.
The program stays as an icon in the system tray. From that icon, you can configure the program or trigger more features. By choosing the "Program Configuration" option you will be able to choose from several tabs. In the "Drives" tab you will be able to select to have a notification icon in the system tray for every selected drive. Right-clicking on this icon will give you access to actions on this drive. The "Theme" tab will allow you to choose the set of icons you want to use with the program. "Diagnostics" will show the information that the program obtained about your current drives. There are also some options that will allow you to look for updates, change the language or come back to this website.

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