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Friday, May 18, 2012

Avast Internet Security 7.0.1426 Final - Avast Internet Security

Avast Internet Security 7.0.1426 Final is complete software for your Internet security. Software ALWIL Software is a software product.

 Final 7.0.1426 Avast Internet Security features :
  • Powerful engine for you to fight viruses and Spyware
  • With a powerful firewall to deal with hackers
  • Antispam tool
  • A smart scanner
  • Protection against rootkit tool is completely real time
  • Protect users of Internet communication
  • Detect viruses and prevent them from performing
  • Spyware removal software and create a barrier to prevent penetration
  • Ability to secure and monitor the various systems

License to use the windows should be set in the following routes

C: Documents and Settingsall Usersapplication Dataavast Softwareavast (Windows XP)

C: ProgramDataAVAST SoftwareAvast (Windows Seven / Vista)

Using crack, if necessary:

1. I have installed the software
2. Open the software and go to Settings >> Troubleshooting and tick Enable avast! I take self-defense module
3. Windows task manager will unlock and enter avastsvc.exe, avastui.exe & avast.setup I will Terminate.
4. AshBase.dll files in the directory C: \ Program Files \ Alwil Software \ Avast Replace
5. Open the software and go to Settings >> Troubleshooting and tick Enable avast! Call it self-defense module.

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